About us

OOO Grinteks-M & Tank Storage is a global provider of storage and shipment of oil and vessel agency. The company main activity is rendering of bunkering services, leasing of oil storage tanks, Transshipment of oil products, Transportation, Storage oil, Injection of via pipeline, Railway, land transport and Sea transport within Russia, Europe and Asia region. Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has several storage tanks in the major oil terminals in the port of Russia and Rotterdam port in Europe.


Grinteks-M & Tank Storage is a modern, purpose built bunker fuel terminal strategically located in the port of Russia and Rotterdam with 2,700,000m3 storage capacity across 4 tank farms and 670 meters Long Ocean able to receive vessels with a maximum LOA of 270 meters. The project was initially implemented by a 100% joint venture established in 2003.


Grinteks-M & Tank Storage operates multiple jetties facilities and provides solutions when transshipment, nitrogen or lay-by services are required. By its unique location in the Rotterdam area, the oil terminal offers a fully utilized berth where main activities can be subdivided into the following core operations.


The company can ensure storage of heavy fuel oil products through its joint venture with Russian oil major refinery. Through its import, storage and export activities, Grinteks-M & Tank Storage serves the Rotterdam bunker market; with dedicated fuel oil tanks Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has a total storage capacity of 635.000m3.

Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to exploit tank farms and pipeline transportation in Russia and abroad ensuring a maximum effective and integrated quality of services

In order to realize this Mission, OOO Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has the following competitive advantages:


  • Wide experience in developing complex reservoirs, primarily, fractured basement reservoirs, hydrophobic fractured carbonate reservoirs, terrigenous thin block structures;

  • Successful experience of cost-effective operations in small fields with out-of-balance development systems;

  • Extensive experience in the international oil & gas projects’ implementation, stable longstanding ties with the leading oil companies and tank farms of Russia and the world, holding within its structure of scientific-research and design organizations as well sectoral institutes of the fuel-and-energy complex;

  • Experience in working with international oil & gas companies, including as a partner not acting as an operator.


In accordance with the current strategy, OOO Grinteks-M & Tank Storage seeks to actively build up its competence in the said areas.

Lines of Activities

OOO Grinteks-M & Tank Storage is a commercial owned Tank Farm, transshipment and pipeline holding company with assets and projects in various segments of the storage business.




Exploration, development and operation of onshore and offshore storage and Upstream in Russia and abroad




Design, construction and operation of refining facilities, tank farms and pipeline systems




The company’s core activity is to render services related to reloading black (various grades of black oil-fuel) and light (petroleum, naphtha, diesel fuel) oil products from pipeline to rail vehicles into sea tankers. Already in the process of pilot operation the oil product transshipment indicators surpass those shown by existing terminals, the company holds leading positions on the oil product transshipment market.

Corporate Management

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