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Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Marine Bunker Ltd ensures efficient management for its terminal assets.

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Marine Bunker terminal structure consists of ROSNEFT Terminal  as well as Novorosnefteservice and Novorossiysk Petrotransshipment Complex, both located in Novorossiysk area and at the local port, acquired in 2013 to strengthen the Company's position in the Black Sea region.

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage provides year-round transshipment of fuel oil and marine fuel. It is capable of storing 15 000 cubic metres of fuel and has its own pier fully equipped for bunkering operations.

Novorosnefteservice and Novorossiysk Petrotransshipment Complex form a self-contained system that provides delivery, logistics, storage and handling of marine fuel sold by ROSNEFT Marine Bunker in the Black Sea region. The complex is capable of transshipping more than a million tons of fuel annually.  

Rotterdam Commercial Sea Port

Rotterdam Port >>

"Oil Storage of Grinteks-M & Tank Storage " Rotterdam Port


Grinteks-M & Tank Storage located in Rotterdam complies with international standard, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. Grinteks-M & Tank Storage have one system for all its terminals. This means that the terminals in all operated sea ports comply with the strict regulations of the authority of the sea port.

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage located in Rotterdam port is the perfect base for clients from around the world. The storage tank terminal operates with more than four terminals. The total storage capacity is more than 2,000,000 tons.



Grinteks-M & Tank Storage fully operates in the area of storage and providing of logistics solutions. Handling the entire logistics chain for its customers, the company has major storage facilities sited strategically at several locations in the Russia, Rotterdam, Netherlands and USA. With a total storage capacity of more than 9,000,000 cubic metres, our facilities in various port terminals allow our company to hand a highly diversified liquid fuel products, including petrochemical and jet fuel, base oils, Virgin D6 Fuel Oil products, crude oil and gasoline.


Houston Commercial Sea Port


Terminals (Houston) provides storage, transfer and distribution services. 

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Terminals (Houston) 100% owned by Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Group*, is strategically located at the entrance of the Houston ship channel, one of the major hubs of the world for the production and export of chemicals.Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has been a premier supplier to the liquid bulk chemical industry for over decade and remains one of the most sophisticated chemical tank terminals in the world with its pressurized tanks and nitrogen compensation systems as well as an advanced vapor return system.

The terminal has a total capacity of 579,629 cbm spread over 119 tanks. Tank sizes vary from 540 to, 9 550 cbm.Grinteks-M & Tank Storage operates 51 stainless steel tanks, counting for 112,835 cbm.

The terminal is easily accessible for sea-going tankers, barges, rail tank cars and road tank trucks. Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has two docks for deep-sea ships and four berths for barges. Since the American distribution network is heavily depending on rail and road infrastructure,Grinteks-M & Tank Storage   is well equipped with broad rail tank car and road tank truck handling facilities:

• Linked to the North American rail network for distribution throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico 
• Multiple stainless steel rail header systems enabling the loading and unloading of up to 110 rail cars on eight tracks
• Direct transfer from rail cars to ships or barges, at rates up to 500 cbm (3 500 bbls) per hour
• 14 truck stations with multiple load-on-scale racks located throughout the terminal
• Automated scale system controls truck loading process through computerized control features
• Transloading services through stainless steel transfer system

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage was the first public terminal in the United States to become a Responsible Care partner with ISO-9001 and RC/ISO-14001 certifications. As a result of its industry leading standards and operating practices, Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has earned the trust of the surrounding community, regulatory entities and its customers.


Qingdao Commercial Sea Port

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port

Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port

Tuapse Commercial Sea Port

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Marine operates in export-bound oil products marine transshipment, oil products loading into railway and truck tanks, oil product deliveries by gasoline trucks. The nameplate capacity of the terminal, located near the Tuapse Refinery,the terminal is used mainly to export oil products manufactured at the Tuapse, Achinsk and Samara refineries. An upgrade program is currently underway to ensure compliance of the production facilities with the new industrial, environmental and fire safety requirements, and expand the capacity of both OOO Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Marine and Tuapse Refinery to support the projected cargo turnover. In 2012, the Company made investments to revamp the truck loading facility, upgrade process equipment at the berths of the trading port and utilities, and build waste treatment facilities. 


In 2015, the Company shipped 16 mln tons of petroleum products via the Tuapse terminal (including export and domestic bunkering.

Ust-Luga Commercial Sea Port Far East, Russia



(Primorskiy krai region)

An oil tank farm with total storage capacity of 120 000 m3, wide network of internal railways, oil-processing plant, 3 railway stations for simultaneous processing of 70 railway tank-cars, 8 pumping houses, an automated blending unit.


(Primorskiy krai region)

An oil tank farm with storage capacity about 119 500 m3, a berth for tankers and bunkering vessels up to 30 500 dwt, stations for discharging of oil products from railway tank-cars and road tankers, pumping house.

  Development program of Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Terminal envisages the construction of high tech specialized terminal facilities, which will allow to increase the annual turnover of the stevedoring assets of the holding up to 60 mln tons and to ensure the attraction of cost-effective cargo flows for all the transportation divisions of Grinteks-M & Tank Storage


(Marine terminal)

Transshipment complex "Sheskharis" included in structure. The complex is located in the city of Novorossiysk and the end point of the main oil pipelines of JSC "AK" Transneft "in the Krasnodar region, providing transportation of oil fields in Western Siberia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.

Black Sea (Russia)

Baltic port (Russia)

Primorsk (operating terminal)

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage operates today as a modern multi-brunch enterprise, which intakes crude and oil products from the railway tank-cars, pipeline and sea tankers, performs their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers. The terminal consists of two oil handling sites with the total storage capacity of 495,000 m3, including 119 000 m3 of the own tanks.

Tuapse (2 PHS)

(On shore terminal)

The oil tank farm with total storage capacity of 19 000. ΠΌ3, pumping house with capacity of 1750  m3 per hour, railway station for simultaneous loading/unloading, a berth for tankers up to 6 000 dwt.



STRATEGIC COOPERATION Company operates (JV) Joint Venture with major Houston tank storage operators, which claims to be the world's largest independent tank storage provider, operates a large tank farm, rail, and ship dock terminal here on the south side of Houston's Ship Channel, for storing and shipping petrochemical products entering and leaving through this - the heart of the nation's largest petrochemical corridor. It operates 40 terminals in 10 nations (seven are to be found in the U.S.), and employs over 5,000 people. The terminal is adjacent to the Mitsui & Co. (USA) owned Intercontinental Terminals Company, which operates 209 storage tanks, loading and unloading racks for both rail cars and tank trucks, and five tanker berths.

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage leases storage tank from Houston Fuel Oil Terminal with the largest provider of fuel oil storage for Russian petroleum. Due to its broad customer base, Grinteks-M & Tank Storage provides its customers with special discount for tank storage lease.”

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage four ship docks “have 45 foot draft, 165 foot beam, and a 1,000 foot LOA. The docks have pumping capacity of 40,000 bbl./hour for fuel oil. Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has nine miles of additional intra-terminal piping to facilitate tank-to-tank transfers. When not serving vessels, each ship dock can accommodate four barges. In addition to the ship docks,Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has seven barge docks that can service 19 barges simultaneously.” The Terminal is not only capable of shipping and receiving oil products by barge, cargo vessel, pipeline and tank transfer, but it also had rail and truck capability.


Our multiple docks and lines connect to customers' transport and enable us to load and unload vessels or transport quickly and efficiently. We offer the following storage capacity and transportation options to our customers:


Storage tanks


Over 13.8 million barrels of storage capacity; 104 tanks ranging in size from 10-400 thousand barrels.


Ship docks


Four existing deepwater ship docks (#4 completed July, 2011); dock infrastructure capable of loading/unloading Suezmax size vessels.

Multiple lines that move black oil to/from docks and tanks for different customers simultaneously.

Nine miles of new intra-terminal piping (33% increase) to facilitate tank-to-tank transfers and the new ship dock.

16 new 600 HP cargo pumps to further facilitate tank-to-tank transfers and increase flexibility were added in 2011.

Barge docks


Six barge docks that can service 19 barges simultaneously.

Flexible hoses for rapid handling of small-quantity barges 24 hours a day.



Two crude oil pipelines connecting to four refineries: Shell Deer Park, Valero Houston, Houston Refining, Pasadena Refining; also connecting to Speed Junction Hub.

Land loading spots


30 rail spots and 11 truck spots for land transport with 20 rail spots currently under construction.


Grinteks-M & Tank Storage - Oil refineries and crude oil terminals in Rotterdam tankers unload crude oil at crude oil terminals in the Europoort and on the Maasvlakte. There, the oil is mixed to the specifications of the refineries, which is called blending. The crude oil terminals then pump the crude oil to the refineries through a network of pipelines. Half of it is transported to refineries of Shell, ExxonMobil, Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam and Koch in the port of Rotterdam. The other half is transported to refineries in Vlissingen, Antwerp and Germany. At the refineries, the crude oil is processed into various oil products, such as petrol, diesel, LPG, fuel oil and naphtha.


1. Rotterdam Terminal

Terminal: Rotterdam II
Services: Storage, Logistics
Capacity: 950,000 m3
Tanks: 55
Access: Vessel, Barge, & Rail
2016, “Grinteks-M & Tank Storage started its bunkering operation in the port of Rotterdam using its own bunkering vessel with the dead-weight of 5 000 m3 and 60 000 m3. “Grinteks-M & Tank Storage has the storage capacity of more than 850 000 m3 in 55 tanks, ranging from 5 000 to 60 000 m3 which are suitable for the storage of class 3 and 4 liquids such as fuel oil, gas oil and other crude oil products.

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage Terminal in Rotterdam is able to receive crude oil and oil product from pipeline, railway tank-cars, and sea tankers, the terminal is equipped with ultra-modern facilities for handling of a wide range of liquid bulk products, heating, nitrogen blanketing & customs facilities, loading/unloading and blending of oil products, tank storage facilities of storing all kind of oil products.


2. USA Terminal PHS3

Terminal: Houston

Location: USA

Services: Storage, Logistics

Capacity: 860,000 m3

Tanks: 49

Access: Vessel, Barge, & Rail


3. Russian Terminal Phase2

Terminal: Vladivostok

Location: RUSSIA

Services: Storage, Logistics

Capacity: 1,350,000 m3

Tanks: 57

Access: Vessel, Barge

Grinteks-M & Tank Storage oil terminal in Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port operates today with its updated combine enterprise, which receive crude and oil product from the railway tank-cars, pipeline and sea tankers, and also performs their storage and shipments to local, foreign, state owned and private customers. The oil terminal also provides bunkers to the ships in the port of Vladivostok and other ports in the region. The plant was developed for the special purpose of loading/unloading of commercial oil and gas to China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries

The Company oil-processing plant in Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port has the capacity of processing 214 719 tonnes of oil per month. The plant was developed for the special purpose of marine fuel production which is used for the bunkering of vessels in the ports of the Far East of Russia Region and also in the fishing industry in the areas. Part of the fuel is also exported, this plant was among the first dedicated bunkering fuel production facility in Russia and CIS.

In 2013 “OOO Grinteks-M & Tank Storage commissioned Vanino the second stage of its own oil-processing plant which has increase the total capacity of the plant by half of it initial capacity per year for the production of high quality oil products, such as, straight-run gasoline, jet fuel, low viscosity marine fuel, black fuel, and diesel oil Euro 4-5.

We are the first in the Far East region to develop, construct and put into operation the new technology for discharging of high viscosity fuel oils from the railway tank-cars, as per the technology applied, heating and discharge of cold fuel oil cargoes is achieved by injecting of hot fuel oils of same grade which practically eliminates watering of fuel oils.

We were the first in Russia to also switch the heating of fuel oil pipelines from steam to electrical power and to employ a special on-shore blender to produce bunker fuels of required viscosity also by volumes of cargo loads.

The company production facilities in Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port include:


An automated blending unit for production of bunker fuels of prescribed viscosity with the blending capacity of 250 m3 per hour.

A laboratory for oil and oil products quality control.

8 pumping houses and technological pipelines for oil products delivery.

An oil Tank Farm, with the total storage capacity of 2,291,000 m3.

A waterfront of 3 berths, one of which is the biggest in the Far East to accommodate tankers up to 80 000 dwt.

4 railway stations for simultaneous loading/unloading operations of 90 railway tank-cars and there is plane to increase loading/unloading capacities up to 140 railway tank-cars.

A steam-generating plant of 103 tons of steam per hour.

A wide network of internal railways with a total length of 7km and a capacity to accept 150 railway tank-cars simultaneously.

Modern installations for oil-contaminated water and sewage treatment.

Server years of working hard has brought the company to his positive results in oil handling and bunkering, loading/unloading of oil product in Vladivostok oil terminal, with our multi-purpose facilities capable of accepting large volumes of oil and oil products from the railway, storage and delivery to the customers.

5. China Terminal

Terminal: Qingdao

Location: CHINA

Services: Storage, Logistics

Capacity: 600,000 m3

Tanks: 36

Access: Vessel, Barge


10. Russian Terminal

Terminal: Primorsk

Location: RUSSIA

Services: Storage, Logistics

Capacity: 610,000 m3

Tanks: 40

Access: Vessel, Barge, & Rail

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